Eero Wi-Fi Systems have brought a paradigm shift in the world of networking devices. Where the conventional way of establishing a strong wireless network around premises begins with installing a router and configuring it with the modem. On top of that, if the signal strength is weak in some parts of the premises, then a Wi-Fi extender is included in the network. Fast forward to Eero Wi-Fi systems, there is no need to have a router-to-extender network configuration anymore because Eero system makes use of multiple access points to provide fast and secure internet coverage in the entire premises on a single network.

In a nutshell, Eero is a self-sufficient Wi-Fi system, so there is no need to connect several wireless networking products to the existing router, as Eero will replace all the existing networking hardware except modems. Eero promises hyper-fast internet, so the future of lightning fast and reliable internet is already here.

Eero Setup: The Entire Process

Setting up Eero Wi-Fi system is anything but complicated. Makers of the device have ensured that the setup experience is kept as simple as possible. Even those who don’t have any experience in setting up a networking device can setup Eero, as it is that easy. Let’s dig into the details of Eero installation and configuration:

In the box, you will get the following three things:

  1. Eero(s)
  2. Ethernet cable
  3. Power cord(s)

Below-mentioned is the list of things that you’ll need for a smooth Eero router setup:

  1. Eero Android or iOS app.
  2. At least one Eero (1st or 2nd Generation). Eero Beacons won’t work here, as those can’t start a network.
  3. A mobile device with active mobile data.
  4. Internet service.
  5. Cable or DSL modem.

Step 1: Download Eero app on your Apple or Android device from eero com app link. The app is free and available on both platforms. This app is mandatory for setting up Eero, as you won’t be able to set up the device on a web browser of your computer.

Step 2: Once the app for eero downloaded and installed, launch it. You will be prompted to give details as to how your home looks. You will have to select a layout that is closely related to the layout of your home.

Step 3: Create an eero account, which you can by entering your email address and phone number. A verification code will be sent to your mobile number, so enter that code in the correct field to proceed further. You can opt to receive a verification code on your email account instead of your phone.

Step 4: The procedure for eero WiFi Setup can be done by following the instructions that are displayed on eero app. You can set up your gateway eero in three easy steps:

  1. Unplug your modem and any other wireless device connected to it.

Note: If you are using a modem-router combination, then you can plug eero directly into one of the four Ethernet ports on the back of modem-router combination without turning it off.

  1. Connect your eero to the modem using Ethernet cable.
  2. Plug your eero into the power outlet using the power adapter followed by turning your modem on.

Step 5: Once you’ve plugged in eero at the back of the modem and turned on both devices, it’s time to create your own eero network.

On eero app, tap ‘next’, and as you do so, the app starts looking for your eero. The gateway eero’s LED will start flashing blue and become stable once the app has found your eero. Now, you need to select a name for your eero. If prompted, enter the eero’s serial number, which you can find on a sticker attached to the bottom of eero. Now, choose your network name (SSID) followed by network password.

  1. If you are replacing an existing router, then keep the network name and password same so as to allow eero to reuse those credentials. This way, you won’t have to reconnect your devices that were previously connected on the network.
  2. Also, keep in mind not to run two networks with the same SSID as it can create problems. For a modem/router combo device, kindly enable ‘Bridge mode’ to keep things smooth.

Tap ‘Next’ and the eero setup process will be completed.

Step 6: Once your gateway eero has been set up, the eero app is going to guide you regarding the steps for setting up more eeros or eero Beacons on your network. You can add more eeros by Ethernet backhaul or wirelessly. When it comes to eero Beacons, then those can only be added wirelessly.

Step 7: It’s time to connect all of your devices to new eero network. For that, you need to find your eero network on your device, enter the password and connect. If the network name and password is the same as your previous router, then the devices will reconnect automatically. However, you may have to toggle Wi-Fi on those devices or power cycle them to make them recognize the new eero network.

That sums up eero installation and eero configuration process. Your eero device is now properly set up with your home network.

Eero Wi-Fi is an efficient device that promises superfast internet without any interruption. However, there could be occasions where eero device will act up. Let’s find out as to what the common problems in eero are that could result in a halt in the service of eero.

  • eero not connecting to the internet
  • eero app not working on Android device
  • eero beacon not connecting
  • eero update issue
  • Can’t setup eero with Bluetooth
  • Unable to do eero firmware update
  • eero pro wifi system isn’t registering
  • eero just stopped working
  • eero beacon not blinking blue
  • problems with eero Wi-Fi
  • Can’t connect eero with modem-router combo even after selecting bridge mode
  • eero beacon wrong placement
  • eero doesn’t register
  • eero reset button not working
  • Unable to do password reset of eero Wi-Fi system
  • eero not connecting to the internet
  • eero wifi extender randomly disconnects
  • eero not working with Apple iPhone
  • Samsung TV won’t connect to eero
  • White LED blinking on eero
  • Unable to put eero in pairing mode
  • Unable to hard reset eero beacon

The market is flooded with eero WiFi systems. Here is the list of products that are currently being sold by eero and for which; you can get the most conscientious support as well.

  1. Eero Pro
  2. Eero Beacon
  3. Eero Plus

While it is easy to setup eero, however, if you ever come across any issue in eero, then you can consult eero support providers in order to receive the best assistance regarding your eero Pro or eero Beacon.