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Are You Facing Problem In Adding Extra Eero To The Network?

Adding extra Eero Support to the network can be difficult for the beginners or who are using the Eero for the first time. After putting the complete efforts, if you are facing difficulty in adding the Eero, then go through the simple troubleshooting steps.

 Check for the following errors on screen and take measures accordingly.

Bluetooth off: While configuring the device, if you get ‘Bluetooth off’ message on the screen, then you need to check the Bluetooth on the device and pair both of them before starting registration on network. To set up manually, enter the ‘Serial number’ of the device in the space given.

Multiple Eeros found

Setting up more than one Eero at a time may create a problem. It is recommended not to set up more than one Eero Update at a time, otherwise the interference issue may persist. Turn on the Eero one by one and start registering online through the given instructions.

No Eero found

If you are facing ‘No Eero found’ message, then check the device thoroughly whether it is connected to the power supply or not and see if the Bluetooth is on or off. You can check the power status from the LED mounted on the panel. If no LED is glowing, it means there is some problem with the device. You can contact Eero expert and get the problem resolved in seconds.

Eero already registered on the network

Using existing or old Eero Installation with the new network may raise an issue. To get rid of such problem, erase all data from the router by pressing the reset button. You can hard reset the device by pressing the button for 5 seconds.  Try configuring the router again.

Poor connection

After the configuration of the router on the network, a speed test will be conducted that will check the ideal location of Eero. If you have placed an Eero at far location from the modem, then you will get the speed issue.  Enhance the speed of your Eero by reading the on-screen instructions mentioned on the page.

Still getting the problem?

Sometimes, the problem doesn’t get resolved through the steps mentioned above. In such cases, there is nothing to worry about. You can connect the Eero to the Gateway Eero through wire and start setup. On the successful completion of setup, you can disconnect the Eero and place it anywhere inside your house. Check the signal strength of your network now by performing the speed test. This will certainly solve the problem of ‘Additional Eero setup’.


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