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Can You Connect Siri With Eero?

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Eero is a mesh Wi-Fi system that has changed the way the internet is accessed. A number of Eero users want to know whether the device works with their existing wireless devices. One such platform that people are eager to know if Eero works with or not is Apple Siri, a smart voice assistant that is used by millions of Americans on a daily basis. The short and sweet answer to the question of ‘Does eero work with Siri’ is ‘Yes’, it works with it, but how it works and what is the process that goes on behind the scenes, let’s dive into those details as well for better understanding.

The ability of eero setup to work with Siri has been made possible due to the advanced Wi-Fi system, which eero is equipped with.

How Siri and eero integrated seamlessly?

As a new update happens on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, a number of household devices like cameras and routers received full eero support into the iOS platform. With this, eero has become one of the few devices that have the capability to handle this kind of connectivity in the most reliable way.

Long story short, you can easily command Siri to control all smart home devices that are present in your house. However, you need to ensure that there are accessories available with a compatible router. That’s where eero gets into the scheme of things. For instance, if you are looking to turn the smart lights installed in your house on or off using voice commands, then Siri can do that.

Perfect connection

The connection between Siri and eero is nothing less than perfect. Let’s discuss a situation here, let’s assume you want to create a ‘heading home’ shortcut on your Apple iPhone. So, when you say ‘heading home’ command to Siri, you will see Siri doing things automatically based on the shortcut you created, which could be adjusting the lights, temperature and more. Eero Wifi Setup has an advanced Wi-Fi system that allows such commands to go through quite easily.

If you take a look at eero, you will find that the design of it is very sleek and resembles a lot like the Apple AirPort Express base station. Eero Pro Routers are equipped with security features such as firewall that keeps your network safe and secure from all outside threats. You can access your smart home devices without working about any online threat intruding into the network and stealing your data, and yes, eero works with Siri, so you can definitely try connecting the two to enjoy a better experience.

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