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Eero is revolutionizing the Wi-Fi system


Eero Setup is an intelligent Wi-Fi system being developed by the US startup.A mini wireless station that incorporates routers, access points and a small computer to coordinate operations, thus ensuring complete coverage of domestic or working spaces.In a simple step, you can create the network, enter the password, and make other users or devices connect, simply invite them with a tap.

The network will be smart, so we will always be updated on broadband in real time and above all on the constant data consumption of each individual device connected.All with maximum safety.Startup Eero Support announced it had received $5 million in funding, to begin with, then opened the pre-orders and collected requests for $1 million in less than two days, even $100,000 in the first two and a half hours.

A small and mysterious startup is offering on the net a practical and innovative solution to update the classic Wi-Fi networks, a new approach that seems to have struck a nerve and has thus gathered an extraordinary consensus with the first pre-orders.Eero is a new generation network that makes simplicity and security its winning weapons, not just a router but also a system with multiple components that ensures complete coverage of domestic or working spaces.

When using Eero, we don’t have to deal with the dark areas and the rooms far from the router with little signal, in addition to the primary device to be connected to the DSL line, at least three devices (to be connected only to the electrical sockets) that create a network mesh are included.In practice, Eero uses repeaters that extend the signal with maximum stability, nothing extremely revolutionary so far.

The simplicity of the network is the second factor in order of importance, in a simple step you can create the network and enter the password, but to make other users or devices connect, simply invite them with a tap and guarantee access.The network will be smart, so we can know what the real band is in real time and even find out what is the consumption (of data) of each individual device connected, all with maximum security.

Eero can be updated automatically, which means that in the future they will be able to improve performance, security or other important aspects of the network, all without the user having to move a finger.The modem/router settings that for many inexperienced users are comparable to Aramaic disappear; Eero wants to make all the processes extremely easy to overcome, relying on a particularly stable Wi-Fi network.

Each Eero has a Bluetooth module for the first connection and setup (promised in the 60s) of the network via smartphone, it costs 125 dollars if purchased individually, while the three Eero Update is currently at 299 dollars. Eero is not the future of Wi-Fi technology, but it is the present because it is being sold like anything. If you are looking to have a lightning fast and reliable internet, then Eero is the product that you should invest in.

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