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Eero, To The Rescue Of Simple Wi-Fi At Home

Can a single box solve the possible problems we have at home with the coverage of our Wi-Fi connection or network configuration? Eero says yes because Eero Setup is not like any other router that you have been using. Eero router is based on a mesh Wi-Fi system, which means, the unit is available in a pack of three or more, which you can place in different areas of the house or office to get a comprehensive signal range in every nook and cranny. Mesh Wi-Fi system is the future of router technology and eero is one of the few devices to acquire this technology and use it in the best possible way. Let’s find out more about eero and its capabilities in the next section.

This small router seeks to replace your current router with the promise that the configuration is going to remain as easy as launching an app on your smartphone, which you can easily connect via Bluetooth using Eero Wifi Setup. However the most amazing would come later when you will be looking to add more routers at home in order to improve coverage or get to do complicated configurations such as giving provisional access to guests we have at home.

Advanced bandwidth management

Eero is a dual-band Wi-Fi ac router, with a dual-core processor at 1 GHz, 512 MB of RAM and 1 GB of internal memory. The unit incorporates USB 2.0 ports along with two gigabit.

Its main attraction is to look for it in the software. Besides, the easy configuration and management of the Wi-Fi network, which assures to be very seamless and can be done using a smartphone app for Android or iOS, Eero Installation is going to let you know as to which the best place to install the second or third router in the house for an improved internet coverage. The additional eero that you decide to add is going to be automatically configured as you turn it on, hence making an extension of the home Wi-Fi network without doing any intervention.

Also in the software, we find functions to optimize bandwidth or allow provisional access to guests. Both aspects are already less prominent because there are current solutions that offer them.

If it has convinced you, the Eero router can now buy the pack of three for $300, or the unit for $125. You should definitely check out Eero Update because it is the best solution for the internet related issues that you have been dealing with for all these months or maybe years. After buying eero router bundle, make sure to place them in the right areas in order to ensure that your devices receive fast and stable internet throughout the premises.

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