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How Eero Is Different From Eero Beacon?


Eero provides you a flexible way of connecting to the home internet system. You can use both Eero and Eero Beacon for fast and reliable Eero Wi-Fi Setup connection at home.

The 2nd generation Eero model has all the functions built-in which you find in 1st generation. Apart from this, you will find third radio and additional 5 GHz radio that lets you connect more devices and get the best possible speeds. In Eero beacon, all the features of the first generation are included along with the improved performance and stability of the network. Eero beacons are small in size as compared to Eero and can be easily placed throughout your house.

Eero 2nd generation

Eero 2nd generation is twice as that of Eero 1st generation in terms of power, reliability, and performance. It is the only tri-band Wi-Fi that can broadcast three bands at a time. Eero Setup has two Ethernet ports one for connecting to the modem and another one for connecting to the hardware devices like a Video game, printer, and switch.

Eero beacon

It is almost half the size of Eero 2nd generation still it is more powerful than Eero. After years of research by the company on existing users, it has been found out that most of the users place their Eero in kitchen, halls, and stairwells where the wires are mostly faulty. With the launch of Eero beacon, simply plug to the nearby outlet and expand network coverage at home. You can add as many Eero beacons as you want according to your requirement.


The placement of Eero plays an important role in network performance. Connect the Eero directly to the modem after placing it on a hard surface like a tablet. Don’t place it inside the drawer or closet.

Yes, if you want there is an option available to you to add generation 1 or 2 Eeros on any hard surface.

If we talk of Eero beacon, the placement can be flexible. You can place it anywhere around the home by simply connecting to the nearby power outlet.  As this device is plugged directly into the outlet, so there is no worry of finding the hard or flat surface to put in on. Another amazing feature is ‘Built-in nightlights’ which makes Eero beacon a great product for bedrooms and kitchens.


If we compare the size of Eero Support with Eero beacon, there is hardly any difference in the shape of both the devices. Yes, you can say that the body is sliced to half in Eero beacon. This quality makes Eero beacon an ideal for all locations at your home.


In Eero beacon, you will not find any port for connectivity, the only way is ‘Wireless’ connection. Whereas in Eero you will find 2 ports for Ethernet connectivity. So, you must remember that when you start your network, you need Eero first, then you can connect Eero beacons. If there is a requirement of additional Eeros, you can connect as many you want. On the other side, if you want completely wireless network at home or no wires at all, then Eero beacon will probably be a great fit for you.


Eero beacons as we have discussed earlier are designed to easy plug-in. You can plug this device directly into the socket and there is no need of any kind of hard surface to place it on. Eero 2nd generation on the other side uses USB-C input with cord to adapter and to the outlet.

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