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How To Find All Eeros On Network And Identify New Device On It?

Have you connected six or less than this number of eeros on the network? If yes, then all the Eeros can be directly accessed from the home screen Eero Wifi Setup app. We all know very well that every Eero has its own position assigned on the network through which it distinguishes from another.

In case more than six Eeros are connected back to back and you want to see the numbers in a single list, then click on ‘Number of Eero’ from the home screen of your app. You will find this option in the middle of the screen mainly between the ‘Devices and eeros’ option.

From here, all the eeros which are currently online will be visible in the section. The gateway eero linked to the modem will always appear on the top of the list with a built-in identifier option. If you find any issue in identifying the number of eero, you can click on ‘Check Eero at top’ link. For additional support, you can contact Eero experts.

How to check the new devices connected recently to the network?

There is number of options through which you can check the recently connected devices on the network with the help of an app. You can also manage these devices easily from the same platform.

  • Blue dot notifications: Under the ‘Connected devices’ list, from the ‘Eero home page’, a blue dot on the device means they are new to the network. In this list, all the devices connecting after a gap of 7 days will also appear. You can add nicknames to the devices or create separate profiles for each device.

If you don’t know how to create a profile or add a nickname to the device, then you can contact Eero setup experts. For more information related to family profile page, you can click ‘Family profile help’ link.

Steps for enabling Push notifications on new devices

If the app version is 2.23.2 or higher, then you can enable notifications for new devices when they join the new network. This function is called push button notification.

To enable push notifications, follow the steps mentioned here as under:

  1. Open the Eero app.
  2. Click on the ‘Menu button’.
  3. Go to ‘Network settings’.
  4. Click ‘Notifications’.
  5. Go to ‘New devices’ and turn this feature on.

You can also enable the push notifications by click on the device with dot notification from the Eero Support app home page or from ‘Connected device’ screen.

When you click on the blue icon given along with the device, you will find a pop-window gets opened on the bottom of the screen which will ask for your consent that whether you will like to receive notification for any new device is connected to the network or not. Click ‘Notify me’ to enable push notifications.

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