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How To Get Fixed If Having Trouble Connecting Additional Eero To The Network?


Are you running into any issue while configuring new Eero Setup to the network or while adding additional Eero to the existing network? If yes, then there is a need to follow some troubleshooting steps to resolve internet issues on a device.

If you are experiencing any error message discussed below, then apply the troubleshooting steps mentioned herewith.

  1. Bluetooth off: If the Bluetooth turned off during setup, you will get a prompt message on the screen. Complete the registration of your Eero by pairing with the same existing network. To setup manually, you will have to enter the serial number written at the bottom of the Eero.
  2. Multiple Eeros found: While configuring more than one eero, you must setup one at a time. At the same time, you will get a message on the app related to Eero setup. If you have connected all the Eeros together, then you will identify the Eero which is ready for setup by seeing the solid Green LED.
  3. No Eero found: If you find ‘No Eero’ message on the screen, then check the power supply whether Eero is properly plugged in or not, Bluetooth is off or on. Confirm that Eero is on and Bluetooth is turned on. If the problem still prevails, then setup using the serial number given at the bottom of the Eero.
  4. Eero already registered on a different network: If the Eero Installation you are configuring is already configured on another network, then clear past settings through a hard reset. For this, you need to turn on the Eero and hold the reset button for some seconds till the Eero blinks red. Try adding the Eero to the network again.
  5. Poor connection: If the Eero is connected to the internet, you can try the speed of the network with the help of a speed test. If the placement is not proper, you will get a problem in receiving the signal. If the reception of Eero is not proper, you will get a problem even after placing at the right location. See the online instructions to get the best signal strength on Eero.

Still facing some issues?

If you continue facing the same issues despite implementing the steps, then you can try the solutions given below:

  • Connect the Eero to the internet via Ethernet cable. If you are using additional Eero Update, then connect it to gateway Eero. After completing the setup through this process, place the device within 40ft from another eero. Open Eero app and check the speed of the network by connecting the Eero wirelessly to the app. Click on respective Eero from the bottom of the app screen.
  • You will get the signal strength results on the screen from where you can compare with the reference values.

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