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How To Select The Best Wireless Channel For Your Eero Network?

All the wireless devices including router and modem work on particular wireless channels like that on TV. Each wireless channel has a unique number which represents the radio communication frequency.

All the wi-fi devices connected to the network adjust their channels automatically depending on the protocol. During normal operations, there is no need to change the Wi-Fi channel settings on Eero Wifi Setup but if you come across a situation when there is a need to change the channel, then follow the steps mentioned below:

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channel numbers

On 2.4 GHz band channel in the US and America, there are 11 channels in total.

  • Channel 1 works in the center of the frequency i: e, at 2.4 GHz.
  • Channel 11 at 2.462.
  • All other channels except 1 and 11 work between these bands and intervals.
  • Wi-fi gear in Europe and other parts of the globe also provides channel 12 and 13 which runs at a frequency higher than 2.467 and 2.472 GHz.

5 GHz Wi-Fi channel numbers

In 5 GHz band, you will find more channels than that of 2.4 GHz Wi-fi. To avoid any kind of interference or overlapping of frequencies, the channels are restricted to a certain number in this band. This approach is identical to AM/FM radio stations.

How to change the Wi-Fi channel numbers?

To change the channels on the home wireless router, go to the router’s configuration screen and select ‘Wireless channel’ from the given options. In most of the routers, you will find a list of supported channel numbers in the drop-down menu.

Other devices which are connected to the local network will detect the channel and adjust accordingly so that no further action is required. However, if after changing the channel, the device is still not connected to the router, then check the software configuration for each device and match the channel number changed recently.

Selecting the best Wi-Fi channel number

In most of the environments, the Wi-Fi connections work equally on all the channel numbers. So, there is no need to change them and leave them as default without making any changes. At the same time, we can’t deny the fact that the performance and the reliability of the particular channel also depend on the frequencies and radio interference. No single channel can outperform others.

For instance, some users tend to set 2.4 GHz networks for using the lowest and highest possible channels and to avoid the mid-range frequencies, the neighboring networks must configure the same frequencies in order to avoid interference.

In rare cases, the channels need to be coordinated with the neighbor’s one with the aim to avoid any interference.

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