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How To Setup Eero Without Cellular Networks And Steps To Reboot Eero Using App?


Most of us believe that it is next to impossible for configuring the Eero Setup device without cellular network. Though it is right up to some extent but this doesn’t mean that no other option is available. If you are not having cellular data connection on phone still, you can configure Eero through it.

Steps for configuring Eero without cellular data

To begin with, disconnect the eero network from the power supply and connect the Ethernet cable of your Eero Support device to the router instead of connecting through modem. Now, enable the current Wi-Fi on your new router and set it up.

After the connection gets established, disconnect the router from the modem and restart your modem. Now, connect the Eero to the modem after turning on the modem again. Wait for some minutes till the modem gets completely on.

If you are using a combo modem/router, then do set up one device in a bridge mode. This mode will improve the performance of overall network. After completing these steps, if you are still getting the problem, you can contact experts.

What is the process of restarting Eero through the app?

To reboot the complete network or individual Eero Wifi Setup device independently, you need to simply click the button from the app. There is no need to disconnect the device from the power supply.

Why to reboot the device?

Most of us are now aware of the benefits of restarting Eero or we don’t come across any serious problems related to the Eero device. But at the same time, we can’t deny the fact that restarting the device solves all major problem encountering on the device. It solves:

  1. Speed problem.
  2. Connected devices network problem.
  3. Devices connected to the wrong Eero.

How to reboot my Eero?

To reboot the eero installation from the app, search your device first in the ‘App’ home screen and click on the ‘Restart blue button’. When you restart it, it will first go into offline mode, then automatically connected to the internet again. Restart gateway eero also take the network offline for some minutes.

How to reboot the complete network?

To reboot the complete Eero network, follow the steps given below:

  • Open Eero app.
  • Go to ‘Main menu’.
  • Click on ‘Network settings’.
  • Go to ‘Advanced setup’.
  • Tap ‘Restart’.
  • Click ‘Blue icon’ to restart network.

For any further help or instructions related to reboot of the network, you can contact the experts available online. If there is some internet outage problem in your area by ISP, you have to wait for some time in such conditions.




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