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What Is Mesh Wi-Fi, Why You Should Use It And Why Not?

Wi-Fi mesh makes it easy to cover large areas with a simple Wi-Fi network. But, what is it, what are its pros and cons?

Wi-Fi networks have become a de facto standard for connecting to the Internet wirelessly. It is rare not to find a house, cafeteria or office that does not have Wi-Fi to be connected to the network of Eero Installation. But, setting up an effective Wi-Fi network when there is a lot of space to cover is not a simple task.

The Wi-Fi has a limited range, and sometimes it is difficult to get good coverage in all rooms of our house. Some of the solutions we already used were wireless repeaters or PLCs. But, mesh networks are also a somewhat less known solution that can give us much more coverage.

What is mesh Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi mesh?

Wi-Fi mesh networks are similar to the usual Wi-Fi networks. We have a usual router that gives us the Wi-Fi network. But, the novelty is that you add satellites that extend and distribute the network throughout the space. This makes the Wi-Fi connection well distributed and reaches all the places where we want. And, all this without the headaches that can involve mounting a network of Wi-Fi repeaters, or changing access point.

The grace of this system is that everything comes very simple. We just have to connect the routers- bar-satellites where we want to have a connection. Usually, we will only need one application to configure everything, and it will be very simple. Hence, they can succeed among users: it is a very simple way to improve our connection using Eero Support.

Why should I use mesh Wi-Fi? And why not?

For that simplicity facing the user

As we have just commented, the great advantage is that these systems are simple to assemble. Everything is prepared in advance to make the unit plug and play They are perfect even if we are not experts in technology.

They are better than basic Wi-Fi repeaters

They are also better than the classic Wi-Fi repeaters that many uses now. These repeaters have disadvantages such as compatibility problems, lower power or having to change wireless access. We save all that with a mesh Wi-Fi network.

Setting up your Wi-Fi will stop being a headache

In addition, these mesh Wi-Fi networks usually have an application for mobile devices that makes our lives easier. Setting up the router, activating functions or checking if everything works are much easier this way.

You may only need a better router

If you don’t have a good connection, your Wi-Fi may only need a little push. Can a better Wi-Fi router, without satellites, solve your wireless coverage problems?

They are expensive, very expensive

Being relatively new, and giving everything done, they have a fairly high starting price. We are talking about networks that do not go below € 300 buying in Spain, so make sure you need it before buying.

They are not for you if you are looking for something advanced

If you have a computer profile, or just like to slap and control your connection, these routers are not for you. They are so simple that they do not leave you great freedom to create your Eero WiFi Setup network.

What devices exist in the market?

If you have decided to get this type of network, you are lucky, because the market is in full evolution. The truth is that we do not have as many possibilities as in the US, where there are products such as Google OnHub (better known as Google Wi-Fi) or Eero Setup, because they have not come here. But, more traditional manufacturers have launched Wi-Fi mesh networks in our country.

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