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What Is The Procedure To Select Best Wi-Fi Channel On Eero Network?

A common interface for connecting the network devices to the router and the modem is called channel number. The channel functions are same as that of the TV channel. You can select the best channel from the given bands for good reception of signal. Each channel occupies different frequency which makes one channel different from another.

When you connect the device to the network, it automatically switches to the best available channel for proper communication. If everything goes fine, you don’t find any need to change the channel but if you find any problem in accessing the interneton Eero Installation, you can change the channel number from the band.

2.4 GHz channel number: There is total of 11 channels in this band with channel 1 having lowest frequency and channel 11 having highest frequency. If you are from Europe, you will find 2 more channels with frequencies more than 2.472.

5 GHz Wi-Fi channel: Here, in this band, you will find more channels than that of 2.4 GHz. There are certain restricted channels in this band in order to reduce the interference or overlapping. The process is same as that of AM/FM stations.

How to change the channel number of your wireless network?

To change the channel number of your wireless network, over to ‘Router’s configuration’ and click ‘Wireless channel’. You will find a complete list of channels on the screen where you can select from.

All devices which are connected to the local network will switch to the best frequency automatically without your interference. If you want to change it manually, you can do with the help of the ‘Settings’ menu. Match the frequency with the device and try accessing the internet again on Eero Update.

Procedure to select the best wireless channel number

In normal conditions, the channel selected on the device works equally in all areas. So, you don’t find any need to change the frequency. However, due to some interferences and overlapping issues, you may have to change the channel number according to your choice. No single channel can fulfill your requirements completely.

For instance, if you have selected the 2.4 GHz band for the lowest and highest channel, then the neighboring network must select the same channel number in order to get rid of interference issues. It is recommended to avoid the mid-range frequencies as the reception of signal is not proper on these frequencies.

The above-mentioned condition is hardly noticed in cases where you need to coordinate with the neighbor network and the channel frequencies to avoid radio interference.

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