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Why To Consider Mesh Network For Next Wi-Fi Setup?

If you are thinking of upgrading the Wi-Fi equipment, don’t go for the stand-alone router, you can consider investing in network called ‘Mesh’ network.

This network will definitely solve all the wireless problems. It is a system with multiple Wi-Fi stations worked together to cover each corner of the house with a strong network.

In normal routers, the connection will keep on losing the strength as you move away from them whereas, in mesh wi-fi, there are different stations that connect with one another to create a continuous network link around the home which minimizes the possibility of dead zones. This technology is getting popular by every passing day. After an initial start-up Eero Setup released a mesh system the previous year and its rival Google and D-link are also following the same track.

It is obvious that in large houses you need multiple hubs so that you can get proper signal strength in each room. So, we would like to recommend a mesh network for those users who live is mid-sized or large houses.

With the invention of smartphone apps for these Wi-Fi systems, one can easily manage the network and set up right from the app itself. Apart from this, Mesh systems are really appealing and not at all bulky like that of traditional router.

Most of us use smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches and carry the same from one room to another. IoT devices like smart speakers, smart TV’s and bathroom scales are also being used by many people. So, by using the mesh networks, the chances of signal interruption are less and the bandwidth will be equally shared among all devices.

What are the advantages of Mesh?

Let’s start with the setup first. Connect the primary base station to the broadband modem and connect all the satellite stations in rooms where there is weak network coverage. Let’s take an example, you have placed the primary base station at downstairs and satellite station in the upstairs office. If you are sitting in office and loading a webpage, then the primary base station will retrieve data and send it to the computer through the technology called as hoping.

Besides increasing the signal strength, Wi-Fi mesh system also helps in connecting the devices automatically to the next station where you have moved to your house. If you are in a living room, your smartphone will automatically pick signal from the nearby station. Similarly, when you sniggle into bedroom, you will find the smartphone switched to next station.

At last, we can say that Mesh Wi-Fi systems like Eero WiFi Setup which is sleek in shape and white in color are not a trammel. You can place it anywhere at your house even in open, side tables or corners.

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